WTS: EU: 3 85 Chars All Horde with EPIC ilvl390RESTO SHAMAN,Rogue,warrior!!!!!!! ( 1 2)

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    Hello there guys, im quitting the game so im selling the account. I am OO of the account, so i will provide you everything you want.

    All of the characthers are on Darkspear.

    1- 85 ilvl390 Resto Shaman(Orc Male).
    525/525 Engineering,Jc
    2- 85 ilvl385 Assasination Rogue (Belfemale)
    525skinning. 480LW
    3- 85 İlvl380 Arms Warrior,(got most of the tanking gear for pre raid) (Orc Male)
    480Herb 450 Bs

    All of the characthers got their riding trainings. Got 10K gold. and full of heirloomed Alts like 53 mage, 50 paladin etc.

    IF you are SERIOUSLY interested, pm me your offers

    Payment will be with Paypal.

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