WTS: EU: 2x85 Warrior , Dk 10/12 Raiding. ILVL 356 , 344

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    Hi im hereby selling my Ilvl 356 worgen warrior. He's currently in the 3rd best guild Alliance side. only 3 guilds killed neffy on the alliance side. He's currently in a 25 man raiding guild where he's the maintank. currently has about 14k gold. the recruit a friend mount. Alchemy is 500+ for the stamina trinket. not much more to say really.
    Only missing Throne of the Four Winds for the Defender of a shattered world title.

    The dk is horde on the Twisting nether realm.
    Has 14k gold with JC and Alchemy 500+

    Also a lvl 83 paladin with JC and Alchemy 500+ aswell. Comes with the Rusted Proto Drake. 11/12 ICCHC

    Gametime till 16th February

    Price: 150+ euro
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