WTS: EU: |2x85 3x80| |50K Gold| [RSGP/Paypal]

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    The account has got 2 level 85s:

    Druid - LW/Skinning 525 (Has almost all of the 525 LW recipes) - Epic Flying - PvE Resto Gear / PVP Feral
    Warrior - No Proffs i just wanted to try pvp at 85 on a warrior. - Epic Flying - Some tank/Arms gear

    3 Level 80s:

    Mage - Herb/Alch 450 - Level 80 PVP/PVE Set
    Paladin - JC/BS 450 - Ret/Holy/Prot PvE Sets - PVP Ret/Holy set.
    Shaman - 475 Enchant/450 Mining - PVP/PVE Mix Ele/Resto

    The account also has a few other low Levels:

    Death Knight 73 - 450 Inscription
    Hunter 68
    Rogue 60
    Priest 60
    Warlock 23

    The account has all of the characters on the same Realm and they have got 50k Gold spread between them.

    Pics of the account:


    The account runs out of game time on the 10th April.

    All of the 80s/85s have the kingslayer title and were obtained # Cataclysm. The warrior doesn't have KingSlayer.

    All information thats given here is the the only information I can give about this account # purchase.

    I'll accept Paypal or RSGP. If you feel safter with paypal , you can use that so you know you can chargeback if anything happens(nothing will though), but I will not be going first.

    Pm me your offer, and your msn.
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