WTS: EU: 2x Accounts, 7x lvl 85, i can sell seperatly or whole accounts, whatever you prefer.

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    ( Ask away @ gervinpim@gmail )

    Hello everyone,

    Im a WoW player since 6 years, but i need money for my study.
    So thats why im selling my WoW account,
    I also sell per character, so you can buy 1 character or more.
    This is what i have

    Account 1:

    Level 85 Warrior Orc Male:

    ilvl:390 full pvp geared, newest season weapon
    7100 achievement points
    Engineering level: 525s
    Jewelcrafting level: 525
    Money: 50k
    77 Pets
    68 Mounts
    310% Flying skill
    Got the netherwing drake and the passenger mount rocket.
    Alot of oldschool gear wich you can transform into
    Almost all the heirlooms.

    Level 85 Shaman Orc Male:

    ilvl:372 full pvp geared, ruthless
    3010 achievement points
    Money: 3k
    Engineering level: 407
    Skinning level : 466
    Also has the passenger mount rocket

    Level 85 Mage Undead Male:

    1670 Achievement points ( only did pvp with this char )
    Money: 3k
    Engineering: 325
    ilevel: 380 full pvp geared

    Level 85 Hunter Orc Male:

    2000 achievement points
    ilvl: 380 full pve geared

    Engineering level: 441
    Leathworking: 235
    Also has the passenger mount rocket

    Level 85 Paladin Blood Elf Female:

    This character just dinged 85.

    Level 85 Rogue Human Female:
    ilevel: 380 full pvp geared
    Money: 20k
    280% flying skill

    Level 80 Druid Troll male:
    Full heirloomd feral and boomkin
    was going to use this for farming
    280% flight speed

    Account 2:

    Level 85 mage blood elf male:

    ilvl 385, pve geared
    ilvl 380 pvp gear
    37 pets
    39 mounts, scorpion mount, tyraels charger
    achievement points 4635
    flight skill 280%
    skinning 525

    Level 67 Human male warrior
    full lvl 60 pvp set
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