WTS: EU: 2x 85. DK + Warrior for PvP and PvE. 8k gold + mounts

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    Ravenholdt server.

    85 Frost DK(OP in pvp). Partly Vicious Glad. A lot of honor and justice points
    itemLVL 354
    8k gold. Mechano Hog + Baradin hold drake. + Other mounts
    Blacksmithing 525 + Jewelcrafting 525. Most of the Cata recipes. A lot of materials.

    85 Arms Warrior. Bloodthirsty Glad. around 4k honour points.
    itemLVL 332
    Mining 525 + Skinning 525. Good farmer.

    Some other low lvl chars.

    Account on 7 days sub now.

    5 BoAs items. Together +35% experience bonus.

    I'm first and original owner of the account. All data will be given. Can be paid by Paypal.

    PM me for more info(armory links and screens) and your offers.
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