WTS: EU: 2x 85/1x81/1x80 Many Alts(Europe Account) Original Owner + StarCraft 2 WoL

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    Battle.net Account with :

    World of Wacrarft Account (5x 85 Geared and Many Alt's)
    StarCraft 2 Wings of Libery Bonus
    Original Owner
    Got Full Details.

    Rogue LvL 85
    Warrior LvL 85

    Warrior is 5/5 Vicious 3920 Ressilience
    Weapon Vicious
    All Rest of Items Vicious
    4000 Honor
    3280 Conquest Points

    Pve Gear :

    Hands Tier 11
    Rest of Gear is Full Epics from Crafts , Raids , Trash

    Titles :

    Assistant Professor
    Champion of the Frozen Wastes
    The Kingslayer
    The Patient
    The Explorer
    Of the NightFall

    25 Exalted Rep Factions

    6 Epics Tabards

    70 Companions Pets
    More then 50 Mounts
    Epic Fly 310% Speed
    11k Gold

    1820 Valor Points
    4000 Justice Points

    Bs 525 Skill
    Mining 525 Skill
    Arheology 525 Skill
    First Aid 525 Skill
    Others , Fishing and Coking are 300+

    Fossilized Raptor
    Drake of the West Wind Fly
    Red Drake etc
    All Alliance Mounts
    etc Many More.

    Rogue Are Not Really Geared But Have Many Things.


    Mage LvL 81
    Warlock LvL 80
    Rogue LvL 70 Twink (IMBA)
    Priest LvL 70 Twink (IMBA)
    Hunter LvL 75
    Shaman LvL 65
    Dk LvL 60
    Drood LvL 40
    Paladin LvL 61

    Account Coming with Original Keys , Photo ID , Secret Question + Answer , Login and Password
    Dont got Any Suspend , Bann or Anything
    Account is Payd 8 Months and 20 Days from Now .
    We Can Meet in Game See it
    I Can Make ScreenShots to See it .

    Caracters Are Really Good Geared and Mix Europe Servers
    Transfers Avaible to All and Change Names
    Many Titles , Mounts , Gold , Achivments .
    Price 180 Starting Bid
    220 Buyout Price
    Contact and Details at deleted
    Thank You.
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