WTS: EU: 2 lvl 85 (druid/mage)(525 archeology on mage) 84 lock, 80 shaman cheap

Discussion in 'WoW - EU Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by World of Warcraft, 3/30/12.

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    i wanne sell my account because i don't have tiem to play anymore.
    i have a 85 druid : blue geared, 310% speed flyform, max prof in herb and mining +zehvra mount

    85 mage: some pvp epics, 525 archeology, enchanting and tailoring at around 250 skill. also epic flyer

    and some alts
    -84 warlock
    -80 paladin
    -80 shaman
    -74 rogue

    i will probably sell for a cheap prize. highest bidder gets it. (i will do middlemanservice but then you pay for it )
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