WTS: EU: 2 ACCOUNTS - 85 Priest / 85 Warrior & 85 Mage

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    I am original owner of both accounts.
    Will provide you with cdkeys & passport picture.

    Account 1:
    85 priest - Blood elf Male on realm Bloodhoof
    I think I have epic flying.


    Account 2:
    85 warrior - Human Male on realm Frostmane
    normal flying
    crap gear, just some 353-359 pve gear.

    85 mage - Undead Male on realm The Maelstrom
    full pvp gear.

    GAME TIME UNTIL 27 december 2011!

    I haven?t played for a couple of months, I?ll let my accounts off for like 30 bucks.
    Money through Paypal.
    You can log in and see the characters are there. After the money is transfered, I?ll give you the information.

    PM me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.