WTS: EU: 2.7 achievement Warrior in 3's

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    EU account

    You are bidding on a username, password and secret question/answer and all the time invested all of which is owned soley by myself and has no legal ownership by blizzard.

    This auction is for a Battle Net Account which contains the following:-

    1 WoW Account

    The main character, on Horde Side of Tarren Mill EU is a Level 85 Undead Warrior, which has notable things such as:

    Full PvP Season 9 ELITE Gear, and ilevel367 level
    Tailoring at 500 and JC at 507 Everything for the best on PvP i.e he's best set out at the moment. Got tailoring for cloak Enchant, JC for the Strength Gems + resi.
    4210 Achievement Points
    He also has a 2.7 achievement in 3's which you're able to get into basically any PvP guild in the EU.
    Amani Battle Bear
    3 other Gear pvp chars Which are:
    Level 85 Rogue
    Level 85 Mage
    Level 85 Paladin
    Also Alts
    81 level priest undead/level 82 Tauren shaman/level 80 druid night elf /level 81 Death knight worgen.
    About 2k gold.

    I can provide an Armory Link on request. Awesome Characters, but just don't have time to play it.

    Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

    If interested, put in an offer, I will consider them all.
    Either middle man or payment first.
    Thanks for reading.
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