WTS: EU: ♣ Well set-up account ♥ Gametime till Nov â™ FULL DETAILS INSIDE ♦

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    - Completely legitimate.
    - All earned over 2 years.
    - Can provide all original details.
    - Gametime until november!
    - Comes with Diablo 3 FREE on release.
    ~ PM Offers ~

    * TOTAL GOLD: 5k+

    * TOTAL HONOR: 3.7k+

    * TOTAL VALOR: 1k+

    * TOTAL JUSTICE: 4.1k+

    * ALL TITLES: Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Defender of a shattered World, Starcaller, of the Nightfall, the Hallowed, the Kingslayer, the Patient, Brewmaster.

    * ALL PETS: Armadillo Pup, Blue Mini Jouster, Brown Prairie Dog, Cenarion Hatchling x9, Core Hound Pup x8, Crimson Lasher, Crimson Snake, Elementium Geode, Enchanted Latern, Firefly, Great Horned Owl, Guardian Cub, Guild Herald, Guild Page, Hyjal Bear Cub, Magic Lamp, Mana Wyrmling, Obsidian Hatchling, Orange Tabby Catm Peddlefeet, Perky Pug, Proto-Drake Whelp, Razzashi Hatchling, Red Dragonhawk Hatchling x3, Siamese Cat, Sinister Squashling x4, Tiny Snowman, Tranquil Mechanical, White Tickbird Hatchling, Winterspring Cub, Cockroach, Lil' K.T. x7, Perky Pug, Teldrassil Sproutling, Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Senegal, Wolpertinger.

    * ALL MOUNTS: Amani Battle Bear, Armored BrownBear, Black War Wolf, Blue Wind Rider, Bronze Drake Mount x2, Brown Riding Camel x2, Celestial Steed x8, Drake of the North Wind, Green Wind Rider, Red Proto-Drake, Rusted Proto-Drake, Sandstone Drake, Swift Green Wind Rider, Swift Purple Wind Rider, Swift Red Wind Rider, Swift Yellow Wind Rider, Tan Riding Camel x2, Tawny Wind Rider, Tyrael's Charger x8, Winged Guardian x9, Abyssal Seahorse, Armored Snowy Gryphon, Black War Mammoth, Blue Drake Mount, Dreadsteed, Felsteed, Flying Machine, Headless Horseman's Mount, Snowy Gryphon, Swift Purple Gryphon, Swift Yellow Mechanostrider, Unpainted Mechanostrider, Black Stallion, Brown Horse, Pinto, Chesnut Mare, Sriped Nightsaber, Swift Stormsaber, Blue Wind Rider, Emerald Raptor, Green Wind Rider, Red Skeletal Warhorse, Swift Blue Raptor, Swift Olive Raptor, Swift Orange Raptor, Tawny Wind Rider, Turquoise Raptor, Violet Raptor, Black Hawkstrider, Black Skeletal Horse, Black Wolf, Blue Hawkstrider, Blue Skeletal Horse, Blue Wind Rider, Brown Skeletal Horse, Brown Wolf, Dire Wolf, Green Skeletal Warhorse, Green Wind Rider, Ochre Skeletal Warhorse, Purple Hawkstrider, Purple Skeleral Warhorse, Red Hawkstrider, Red Skeletal Horse, Swift Brown Wolf, Swift Grey Wolf, Swift Green Hawkstrider, Swift Pink Hawkstrider, Swift Purple Hawkstrider, Swift Timber Wolf, Tawny Wind Rider, Timber Wolf.

    * PROFS OVER 250: Enchanting 525, Inscription 525, Goblin Engineer 475, Jewelcrafting 511, First Aid 363, First Aid 371, Alchemy 299, Herbalism 377.

    ~ Coming Soon ~
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