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    I would like to sell my Kickstarter backed account for Camelot Unchained Young Hero Digital level.

    It has all these goodies listed below (110$ pledge). Base price is 110$

    Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions


    Description from Kickstarter campaign

    In some circles this is known as a “Digital Collector’s Edition” and it is a limited, “early adopter” digital tier. You receive the I LOVE TCHOTCHKES rewards + AN ADDITIONAL TWO MONTHS OF SUBSCRIPTION (3 months total) + ADDITIONAL 10 FOUNDER’S POINTS (55 total) + FOUNDER’S TROPHIES for display in your house + access to FOUNDER’S DYES for personal items + IN-GAME BACKERS CREDIT + the DRAGON’S GUIDE TO HUMANITY art book (.pdf) your FORUM BADGE IS UPGRADED TO GOLD + TOTAL NUMBER OF BETA INVITES UPGRADED TO 2 AND TOTAL NUMBER OF CHARACTER SLOTS AT LAUNCH UPGRADED BY 2. + BETA ACCESS IS UPGRADED TO ALPHA ACCESS and your FOUNDER’S # WILL BE A MINIMUM OF 7% . Estimated delivery of Alpha Access: August 2014.
    MJ Notes: Another early adopter tier and this is one of my favorites. I really wanted to make our digital CE special for our backers. As many of our potential backers know, suggestions for the dyes are another one of the many items that came from the forums. With Alpha access, lots of included items and 55 FPs, I think this tier will be very popular. One of the reasons this tier is limited (and non-repeatable) is that it comes with alpha access and we need to limit alpha access.
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