Selling WTS - AIKA Online 2 High-Level accounts

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    Two Aika Online (NA) accounts for sale

    85 Cleric with a 70 Duel Gunner on the same account
    This account has 4 bank safes, both characters and prans with extra bags.
    Bank has alot of HP/MP pots, extra crystals, armor repairs, some extracts, and just lots of extras.

    Cleric is in full Severe Cold armor- hat8 dress7 gloves7 boots8 wand 7 , nicely enchanted. Level 75 Honor accessories, all nicely enchanted with INT, Crit Damage and Magic Damage. Water adult pran in premium clothes, premium Rainbow Catacorn mount and the Wild Puma (not active but is owned), both nicely enchanted.

    Duel Gunner has full Rapidity (KAE gear) all +3, and +4. Also comes with full Black Ghost outfit all +8 with +9 guns. The BG is nicely enchanted.
    She does have the premium mount in her bags but it is not on active license atm. Pran is teenager still. Also has the level 75 Unique gun in bank waiting for level.

    Their bank also holds +6,7,8 Golem set (less Chest) which is the Warrior KAE set.

    85 Paladin with no other character on this account. 2 open spots.
    Pally is wearing full KAE armor, Zealot. Reinforcements: helm7 chest7 gloves7 boots 7 blade8 shield6. Partially but Nicely enchanted (room for MS+3 on 2 pieces). Full Plunderer Set, nicely enchanted. Also has adult air pran with extra bag and premium clothes & teenager water pran. Premium black armored horse mount nicely enchanted. A work in progress is the Truth Seeker set, currently have all but the shield made (and blade, dont want the blade) I do have MS+3 on two pieces so far, and +181 PDef on two pieces as well. Account currently has 4 mil gold.

    All characters on both accounts have low PvP kills. ( I was mostly PvE) But that also means these characters are not well known. Both have always been and are currently in Vanov without any drama history attached to any character names.

    Contact me for any further details you may want. Screenshots, or deeper armor details, or bank contents details ... etc...

    Offers please.

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