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    Hello everyone! I have a 55 PvP geared ranger on Vaizel (great PvP server) for sale. 10+ eternal PvP bow (best bow in the game) with a silence godstone, full 55 pvp accessories, and also a full 55 pvp crucible Magic Resist Set, fully socketed (MR 14). As well as lvl 55 eternal pvp l. Ranger has 10k+ hp unbuffed, over 12k hp with buffs and 16k+ pvp kills. I am the orginal owner of this account. The account has been in good standing for 24 months (with the last 2 monthly rewards unclaimed on my ranger, including Lucky Wings (awesome aion wings) and 5 Felicitous Socketing (Eternal) - 100% proc rate).. Account is still active till the 28th of Dec. I Also just got this bow crafted the other day. This is the 2nd best combine bow (rare and expensive to craft) in the game ready to be combined w/ my 55 orange bow. It's already fully socketed with crit 17s..or you could also sell for an easy 200m+. I also have 2 unused Plastic Surgery Tickets (cost $10 each in the Aion Store) so you can remodel the Ranger however you please. Inventory: I have lots of Major Crowns, platinum medals, few godstones, unused Wind Spirit Hat (rare), unskinned Hot Bikini Swimsuit, Joyful Festival Costume and other skins. As well as rare dyes: hot orange, true red, true white, deep blue, rich purple, and hot pink. tons of scrolls/pots/food and candy. I also have a lvl 53 assasin on the same account with plenty of unused major crowns/rewards. Also other lower lvl toons. (with all 24 months of rewards) Crafting: 500+ Master Weaponsmith with Eternal/gold designs 499 tailoring (1 point away from master for next patch) with almost all gold designs for both cloth & leather - lvl 33,43,48,53. 428 Expert Essencetapping 499 Expert Aethertapping. I have over 1000+ balaur mats of all kind, including unfinished lvl 50/55 balaur weapons ready to be proc'd. And hundrends of cloth/leather mats. Worth Millions - You'll definitely make Lots of kinah. I put a lot of time into this account. Let me know if you're interested, taking serious offers. Thanks. ; )
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