WTS: 137 (8 99s) BEAST

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    Hello,gonna cut this short. ----STATS---- 99-Hp 99-Atk 99-Str 99-Def 99-Range 99-Mage-(Vengeance/Ice Barrage) 99-Smithing 99-Fletching 95-Prayer-(Turm) 96-Slayer-(ALL Slay Monsters) 88-Herb -----Certain Interests----- All Quests up to date (from Feb 2011) 5 out of 7 Elite Diarys Finished (Varrock,Seers,Falador,Lum B,Ardy) Can Wipe the floor with any boss (excluding Nex ) (including Jad) -------Non Tradeable Items----- Holiday items from 2005-2011 Fire Cape Torso, Fighter Hat/Ranger Hat Korasi's Blade Elite Void- Top/Bottom Void Helms- Melee/Ranger & Mage Void Deflector 630+ Cws Tickets Dragon Defenders (x7) Abyssal Demon Heads (x6) King Black Dragon Head. --------------------- NO Black Marks,Bans, Ect. That about wraps it up. Msg me if interested, Please no WoW offer (I Don't play) WE WILL USE THE MIDDLEMAN SERVICE IF YOU NEED PICS, MAKE A LIST OF WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE, Then I'll post them. Ty
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