WTS: 110 - great main 50 USD/ 30mil rsgp

Discussion in 'Runescape Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Runescape, 3/29/12.

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    AIM: lopo1337 im willing to sell a combat level 109 17 days of members credit left, has 262 QP, not too rich for 50 USD or 30mill rsgp, im not out to scam you as you can see i have rep, i will also meet in game to show that this isnt BS, his stats are as follows ATT- 86 STR- 83 DEF- 81 HP- 84 RANGE- 71 PRAY- 61 MAGE- 80 RC- 60 CONST-53 AGI- 62 HERB- 60 THIEV- 64 CRAFT- 66 FLETC- 83 SLAY- 64 HUNT- 53 MIN- 63 SMITH-69 FISH- 64 COOK- 71 FM- 60 WC- 73 FARM- 65 SUM- 49 Contact me on AIM: lopo1337 or skype: logan.powers1
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