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    Hi i'm wanting to trade or sell my personal Runescape main account. He is 106 combat P2P (99+7 F2P), and has Three 99s: 99Magic, 99Mining, & 99Firemaking. Along with that he has: 94Fishing, 90Hunter, 85Fletching, 86Woodcutting, 85Range, 70Prayer, 72Construction..and more TOTAL LEVEL IS: 1859 He has roughly 84m in cash/items, along with Varrock Armour 2, Explororer's Ring 3 and alot of unique holiday items, quest items (Barrelchest Anchor(It's an amazing Weapon), and some fun clothing to mess around with when bored. Quest's: Lunar Diplomacy Dragon Slayer Monkey Madness Desert Treasure &much much more.. ALSO! (NOMAD'S REQIEUM IS NEARLY COMPLETE; JUST NEED TO KILL NOMAD HIMSELF) TOTAL QUEST POINTS: 168/316 He is an all around skiller/moneymaker/PKer NOTE:: GREAT PK'er! Im looking for another main either rich in wealth, or another main with high 99 combat stats. Also willing to accept semi-rich lvl 3 skillers with multiple 99s. If offering RSGP, the starting bid starts at 80m Cash/Items. I will not go first due to the fact of the amount of scamming on this website, so for proof and further discussion we can meet in-game or i can provide you with screenshots via email. ::WILL NOT BE POSTING IN-GAME NAME ON POST, NOR POSTING SCREENSHOTS ON POST:: If interested in this exchange, please send me a pm and ill get back to you as soon as i can. Thank you, and happy bidding.
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