WTB: US Wow account for your RSGP or account.

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    I have a Wow account for sale or for trade. I would like to get at least 150 usd. Or 200m runescape gold. Or possibly a 135+ runescape account. First off the account has never been hacked, Suspended or anything of that type. I am the origional owner. Everything for the game was bought online. So there are technically no Cd keys. i have played WoW For quiet some time now. but i have a decent runescape account that i like just a bit more. And since i'm in school again i don't exactly have time to make raids. But anywho. the account has been Recruit a friended 2 times. So You have 2 85's that have the 2 seater rocket. And 300+ flying skill on all 3 85's. And yes they are all on separate servers for the time being. that is unless someone gets it from me and does what they want with it. It is currently out of game time. But you can still log on the website to see all of the characters on the account. Anyway, Good day to everyone. Here are the character Armory links. 85 Shammy- 310 Flying speed. us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rande/advanced 85 DK - 290 Flying speed us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...%A5ge/advanced 85 pally, My pride and joy # i was quitting. 290 flying. us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...A5din/advanced Also There are some lowbie alts based on the servers that those 3 characters are on. the DK and The Pally have the Rocket mounts. If any other questions. E-mail me at Sm2192man@yahoo And if you are seriously interested at that point We can make contact by phone. Also i will send a picture ID to prove that i am the origional owner of the Wow account. And once you get the account from me. It is yours and you will have no worries of me wanting the account back. Come on. Who would type all of this out? Thanks for reading my post. Hope to hear from someone soon.
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