Sold WoT (30 - 90 thousand battles) personal + inactive + guarantee

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    Please contact me before buying this item
    To help you to get your account faster


    Contact Us :

    DISCORD: George Washington#9730
    EmailL:[email protected]

    After payment you will receive a World of Tanks Account from 30,000 to 90,000 battles.

    ✅All accounts have been inactive for 14+ days.
    ✅Top and premium vehicles often come across in this random.
    ✅ Each account is guaranteed 72 hours from the date of purchase.
    ❌Access to mail is not provided.

    By purchasing this product, you can get a gift in the form of a random WOT account for free! To do this, leave a positive review of the form: "I want a gift", after which within 72 hours we will write the data from the account in the correspondence with the seller.
    Additional Information
    • We do not guarantee data change. If the data changes within 72 hours from the date of payment, write about this in the correspondence with the seller. We will issue you a new account.
    • After 72 hours, the account cannot be exchanged / returned.
    • Gifts are sent within 72 hours after leaving a positive review. For faster receipt - write to the correspondence with the seller.
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