Sold [wildland] fuwa jadeon lv159asc

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    Full Skytouch SCION Set
    151 Helmet +10 (Lv4 Seal)
    153 Armor +11 (Lv5 Seal) need 2 more fine orb for full lv6 seal
    152 Boot +11 (Lv4 Seal)
    155 h.gem Weapon +10 (Lv3 Seal) (have Weapon Fashion)

    Xato Set [Skillacc] (Bonus Skill-+24 extra skill acc buff)
    + lv4 resist ring set, Lv4 Skill eva ring set

    Pisces Essence
    Chi of Nirvana (2 star) +3 atk refine
    Dragon Chi
    Para Trinket Lv9
    Sleep Trinket Lv10

    Rank 3 Skyblade (Epic)
    Rank 1 Skyblade (Myth)
    Death Wand Skyblade (Legendary)
    Snow Cutter Skyblade (Epic)
    Rank 1 Knecklace (4 rate, 58 bonus)
    Rank 3 Knecklace (2 rate, 50 bonus)
    Team BFS Coin Reward Knecklace (6 rate, 30 bonus)

    Grade 17 asc tiger Pet (Magma w. 7 Skills - including Elysium+Hollow)

    have all Jadeon Charms
    (MS charm have +7 skill acc imbue. Aoe Charm have +3 skill acc Imbue)

    Lv3 Firmus Set + Focused Hate lv4 inheritanced (transform target into flower for 5s)
    currently lv31asc (all Green Stats Max for Hp, SP, Atk)
    Acc +1 bonus imbue
    Tome +2 Shield imbue
    Resist all 200+ when hit lv36asc (silience 240ish)
    Spare Pagoda esper set to reset "DeepFreeze & Faithful Defender"

    Soul Stone:
    lv4 stone (spirit 20)
    1 atk, 2 skill acc (2 Skill acc Stats are Max)
    + SoulSet with Freeze Skill

    Affinity: (Jadeon asc Jadeon) which can change preasc faction later on
    Fuwa skills all max
    Felkin Skills All max
    Dagos - have 26mil in it, can max all skill if switch

    LV75 Chroma
    all skill in Fuwa is (18/20)
    all skill in Felkin is around (15/20)

    Cloudawareness: 8/12
    Noble Spirit: 8/12
    Path of Master: 8/12
    Warrior heart: 7/12

    Crafting passive:
    Forge, Tailor, Hatcraft, & Accessory [all Max]

    have all skill faction (zodiac, velonus those shyt)
    +shytload of normal fashions

    Advance Orb Forging:
    All Advance Stats all are Max:
    Crit rate; 2/2
    Crit Bonus: 20/20
    Crit null: 2/2
    Crit Shield: 20/20
    Skill acc: 2/2
    Skill eva: 2/2

    eternal atk (lv6)
    Eternal Movement Speed (unequipe)
    Eternal Crit null (lv5)
    celes Skill acc (lv7)
    Celes crit rate (lv5)
    celes health (Lv5)

    - - - Updated - - -

    if you're interested msg me on skype: pumpkinpie1235
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