Sold Warface EU account ( / level 81 / Great guns / full e-mail access.

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  1. t-90

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    I'm just feeling like it's time to let go of my account.
    1.3 k/d . 1400 hours played . rank 81 . and about 6000 pvp games played.

    If you're interested add me on discord and i'll send you some screenshots: t-90#5872

    The guns:


    -Cz 805 BREN A2.
    -Hydra Ak Alpha.
    -Syndicate Beretta ARX 160.
    -Tigerstipe Enfield L85A2.
    -K.I.W.I vhs-2.
    -Carbon RPD custom.
    -Tigerstipe M249 Para.
    -Gold as-val and Ak-47.


    -Medusa Kel-Tec KS7.
    -Typhoon F12.
    -Uzkon UNG-12.
    -Anti-Cyborg vepr.


    -CDX-MC Kraken.
    -Medusa SV-98.
    -Remington MSR.
    -Dragunov SVU-AS.
    -Gold AWM.
    -K.I.W.I Gepard GM6 Lynx.


    -Golden SIG MPX SBR custom.
    -Medusa AM-17.
    -Kriss Super V Custom.
    -Desert Tech MDR-C.
    -Micro-Roni CAA.


    -K.I.W.I S&W M&P R8.
    -Gorgon and Medusa Tec-9
    -Particle CZ 75Auto.
    -Anti-Cyborg and Evil Santa Fn Five-SeveN.
    -Gold Desert Eagle
    -Taurus Judge.


    -Gorgon and Medusa Gerber Tomahawk.
    -Particle Tactical Axe.
    -Onyx M48 Bowie knife and carbon one.
    -Syndicate Cleaver and normal one.
    -Black Hawk.
    -Obsidian Jagdkommando.


    -All guns and all armor.

    -Body Skins:

    -full arctic squad skins.
    -Full gorgona suits.

    -And about 75 weapon skins.


    -Full Syndicate for all classes.
    -Full Warlord.
    -Full K.I.W.I for rifle and medic (no helmet for sniper and engineer).
    -Top Dog helmet for all classes.
    -Open cup vest and gloves.
    -Halloween helmet + Halloween helmet v2 + Dread Mask and Cyborg helmet.

    -All vendors unlocked.
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    @t-90 attempted to pull a potential scam during a middleman transaction which we have officially blocked this seller from conducting further business on PlayerUp.

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