Sold Very Old Account! (Deluxe/Special Editions)

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    Selling my very old (early Burning Crusade days) account.

    I'm selling because I don't play any of Blizzards games anymore and I don't plan on buying Diablo 4 in the future, so the account is just collecting dust.
    I have installed, but non of the games except Overwatch and that has not been updated for monthes, so don't ask me for specific skins or items on the account. I will list what I know down below.

    Contents from the top of my head:

    World of Warcraft with a few add-ons and deluxe or special editions. Can't remember what exactly what was deluxe/special but I remember WoD being deluxe for sure and for some reason I remember something about WotlK, maybe some pet?

    Diablo 3 with 1 add-on. Not sure if it's a special edition or something. I just remember having some yellow shiny wings and I think they were special. Never played the game much though, so definitely no rare gear on there, only cosmetics.

    Hearthstone. Spent a bit of time and money on this way back. The cards I had are probably outdated by now. I remember pre-ordering packs once or twice too.

    Overwatch! Some kind of special or limited edition. A good amount of legendary skins. Account is not levelled super high but I used to play a lot back then.

    Not sure if I ever bought pets/mounts for WoW from the store but I remember it existed already back then, when I quit WoW.

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