Selling  10-24 Games Uplay account with lot of aaa games cant change email and password (far cry 5, for honor, r6s,ecc..)

Discussion in 'Uplay Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Arelelele, 7/17/18.

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    Hello Everyone!

    My name is arel.
    I got Uplay Account(Without Mail Access) - WIth alot of games...

    What games do i have?
    Actully - Everything!
    Rainbow six siege
    for honor
    far cry 1&2&3&4
    Assassin's Creed(Every Single of them)
    Watch Dogs 1&2
    I dont remember all of them but i have all....

    What do i want in return?
    I'd like to get 5$ for a deal(Deal may be for more than one game)
    I'd like to get CSGO Skins.
    I'd like to trade for any steam items that has value.
    I can get any thing just come to chat me with for a little bit in order to understand

    Why you should trust me
    I'm Really known guy from israel.
    My reputation is very important for me.
    I got 50 Pages of +Rep in Steam commands.

    Why you should come to me and not other people
    I'm Really Honest guy - with straight feelings.
    I'm always tell the trueth.
    I'm really nice and somethimes if i enjoy to trade with someone he gets presents..

    How did i got this accounts?
    beside most likely all of this forum, I didn't hacked or scammed to get this accounts.
    I'm asked and traded for those for a really long time and i got alot of accounts to trade.

    So how should i contact you?
    so there is alot of ways you can contact me.
    The most recommanded way is to send a message in this topic.
    You can also contact me in steam: Steam Community :: Arelelele|
    but i'll most likely ignore you.

    How do you think that I'll not scam you?
    in our chats you'll see that i'm really honest guy,
    You'll get a pictures of accounts and stuff.
    Don't worry - and if you are? just come to chat with me.

    So just contact me and we'll keep in touch.
    See you soon ^^
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