Selling  TH10  Android and iOS TH 10 in CHEAP PRICE [ TH 9.5 Engineered base with DECENT Heroes ] AQ and BK level 27

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans CoC Old Accounts for Sale - Buy & Sell' started by Alakesh Baruah, 7/8/17.

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    My Location:
    Price $:
    Buy Now Link:
    Buy Now
    If you are interested then Mail me at [email protected]

    I want to sell my accounts for educational purposes,

    This base is created specially for war the base i quiet well with TROPS, HEROES and WALLS
    defences may be little lower and it is good for WAR.

    Facts about The account:::

    * Name change is not available, but current name is quiet well ITS ( THE PRESIDENT)
    * Builder base is also good
    * OVER 3K gems available
    You'll definitely love this base, price may be slightly negligible

    Don't hesitate to offer your price TRUST, PAY and TAKE
    president base.jpg president pro.jpg
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