Selling Settlers online 64 lvl / Northisle

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    Over 75k gems
    almost all buildings are lvl 6
    plenty of all resources

    List of special generals:

    2x Major generals
    2x Lord Dracul
    4x Master of martial arts
    1x Champion Vargas
    1x Master of defence
    4x Veteran
    5x Grim Reaper
    4x Batle Hardended general
    2x Quartermaster general
    2x Quartermasters Claus

    List of special explorers:

    1x Experienced explorer
    1x Intrepid explorer
    5x Lucky explorer
    12x Savage scout

    List of special buildings:

    1x rarity Provision house
    7x Improved Watermill
    47x Improved Storehouse
    5x Friary
    15x Deerstalker Hut
    6x Fish farm
    2x Industrial gold mine
    1x Easter residence
    1x Spacious storehouse
    1x Fairy tale castle
    1x Epic woodyard
    1x Epic farmyard
    20x Village school
    19x Floating Residence
    3x Endless Copper Mine
    5x Industrial Iron Mine
    3x Gingerbread House
    2x Improved buthcher
    1x Industrial coal mine
    4x Gold Tower
    22x watermill
    6x Improved silo
    17x Recycling Manufactory
    1x Artic Iron mine
    9x Improved farm
    1x Settlers HQ
    9x Improved deerstalker hut
    1x Footie pitch
    190x Noble Residence Deed
    12x Witch Tower
    3x White Castle
    11x Dark Castle
    11x Frozen Manor
    2x Hospitable Bone Church
    17x Pirate Residence

    for more info please contact me true: [email protected]

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.