Sold Selling Top-Tier JP Whale Account $1.3K or Offer

Discussion in 'Kingdom Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by WhiteWisper, 12/29/17.

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  1. WhiteWisper

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    Looking to sell an end-game JP account for far less than I've spent on it. Album:

    Notable Haves:

    - Level 7 Pet
    - KairiEX (1K STR) / iXionEX (-60% Aerial Defense)
    - 5 Copies of the new Sora/KairiEX
    - Boosted VanitasHD (Double Cast, +1K STR)
    - Boosted King Triton (40% Raid)
    - Boosted XehanortEX (Double Cast), Boosted Dual-Wield RoxasEX, HD AxelEX
    - Boosted iBBS Mickey (80% Raid, Double Cast)
    - MickeyEX (+800 HP), IraEX, InviEX, SephirothEX, HD XionEX, KH2 NamineHD
    - 2 Boosted Lingering Wills (one with 80% Raid, the other with -60% Ground/Air Defense)
    - Numerous copies of popular reprint medals (14 Nekus, etc.)
    - +1000 Nova, over 35 of each Elemental Stone, 35 Fairy Stars, 22 Moon Stones
    - All Quests completed (except for the most recent proud quest update), Dalmatians completed too

    Starting asking price is $1.3K (this account would cost you 3-4x that to get normally).

    I can be contacted here or on Discord, Leon#8431 with any questions or if additional pictures are needed.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.