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    Level 35 starlight - My first keyblade to level up max has no real use after fairystars...
    Level 35 counterpoint - Perfect for raiding
    level 35 fairystars - Perfect for coliseum can easily get top 1000

    All pet avatar parts INCLUDING the newest santa hat from top 1000 in coliseum!

    A lot of quest still needs to be completed so loads of jewels waiting!

    Listed below is some of my guilted medals

    Kairi EX - airial 60%
    Riku and sora EX
    Boosted AVA EX - Extra attack attack boost IV max lux +
    Boosted invi EX - Raid dammage Attack bost IV max lux+
    Riku black coat - ground 60% Attack boost V Max
    Namine - Extra attack + ground 60% attack boost V MAX
    Valor form genie Attack boost IV Max Gauges 0
    HD Vanitas Attack boost IV max lux +
    Boosted lingering will - ground 60% attack boost 5 max gauges 2
    Terra 0.2 - raid 40% ground 60% strenght +1000 - attack boost 5 max guages 2
    Boosted HD Xion attack boost 5 Max
    Reverse Roxas EX - attack boost 4 max
    Boosted Sora EX Magic - attackboost 5 max
    Sora EX Speed - attack boost 3 max prize +
    Axel EX tier 5 - attack boost 4 max gauges 1
    Boosted Cloud EX - raid dammage- attack boost iv max gauges 1

    Lots of VIP medals aswell old and the new ones with great traits aswell ( but compared to what is above, they are average )
    15 mickey and brooms included aswell and 4 pulled sora and moogles

    Contact me if interested i can do mobilepay aswell as paypal - the account is a square enix account so its easy to login with.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.