Sold Selling Selling KHUX Global Account with 30,000 Jewels! LVL 284, NOVA 226, and more

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    I am tired of this game and want to sell my account. I am no whale, but I bought sometimes the weekly jewels Extravaganza and played for almost 1 year. I have 30000 Jewels saved up!
    I completed every Story quest with all three objectives (except Mission 525 and 555).
    In Proud Mode I finished the first 50 quests.
    My Keyblades: Starlight LVL 25; Treasure Love LVL 25; Lady Luck LVL 25; Three Wishes LVL25; Olympia LVL25; Divine Rose LVL29; Moogle O’ Glory LVL16; Sleeping Lion LVL17; Stroke of Midnight of Midnight LVL25
    I have some premium medals like Ill Xion, Ill KH2 Sora, Ill KH2 Kairi, Sephiroth, HD Sora, Key Art #3, Ill Sora B, HD Axel, Ill Axel...
    The Facebook accout which is linked with the KHUX account can be seperated and we can connect it with your Facebook acc.
    I can also give you the Facebook Account if you like.

    I am looking for 125 US$, but we can also negotiate.

    More Information:
    • Character Level 284
    • 30000 Jewels
    • Album Completed 65,4%
    • 68 Chips
    • 116 Dales
    • 221 Cids
    • 100 Mirrors
    • 3 Fantasy Mickey B
    • Nova level 226
    • 53 Medals guilted
    • 12,800,000 Munny
    • 146 Avatar Boards completed (bought every standard Avatar boards and bought 5 time-limited boards)
    • 2100+ Avatar coins
    • Storage: 350 Slots
    • 18 Skip Tickets
    • 341 Days played

    Materials in inventory:
    • Orichalcum x5
    • Adamantite Ore x4
    • Power Gem x4
    • Speed Gem x1
    • Magic Gem x1
    • Electrum Ore x1

    If you need more Information just write me a PM or ask directly in this thread. I can also provide some screenshots of the Account.
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