Sold Selling Selling khux global account (offers?)

Discussion in 'Kingdom Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by MiniJ54, 7/8/17.

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    I have been playing this game since release until now and have gotten bored of playing. I decided to sell my account so that it doesnt go to waste. Most of what I have have in the game is in this google doc and i will be updating it everyday:

    I will be using paypal, I will not go first. I will be using a throw away facebook account to make giving the account easier.

    Lv 300

    Nova: 435

    Jewels: 650 (sorry for low amount, trying get gain more jewels)

    I have completed all the stroy and proud mode quests. I have completed all the proud+ quest except the new wave that came with the story mode quests on 7/6/17 (lv 490 jester)

    I also have a lot of exp and evolve medals from the vip quest and have used 560 inventory out of the 1200 that I have

    I have all the horoscope avatar parts and the crowns for making top 50 party. I mainly own the female avatar boards and have completed all the avatar boards that use avatar coins and the ones that we had to use jewels to gain more cost.

    PM me if you guys have questions or name a price!
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