Sold Selling S> Accounts with MVP items and +10 items.Screenshot included

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    Im moving out of the country so I decided to sell my accounts + Items as a bundle

    I am looking for $170
    Pay via Western Union (Money pick up) before I give account + gear or meet up in SoCal area
    Contact me via Discord: Xeno#7619

    99/50 Monk (Woe Build)
    99/50 Knight (PvM)

    Items included
    Marionette Doll of True Sight (MVP Maya Purple Card)
    +10 Boned Bloody Stunner
    +9 Maestro Marionette Doll
    +9 Cranial Mad Bunny Buckler
    +9 Superior Shoes
    +7 Frilldora Hiding Amistr Bag
    +7 Evil Silk Robe
    +7 VVS Ice Claymore
    +7 Double Ancient Two Handed Sword
    +7 Chain Mail of Ares
    +4 Soul Enchant Shoes
    +4 Unfrozen Silk Robe
    +4 Chain Mail of Ifrit
    2x Acolyte Figure
    2x Nimble Belt

    Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want more screenshots

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