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    Level: 22
    Classes: Striker, Soul Fighter, Android, and Elementalist

    Scrolls (ALL PERM): Ice Breaker, Hitman, Destroyer BF LE, Marang Ninjutsu, El Luchador, Tengoryu Karate, Red Rock Ninjutsu, Mystic Arts, Electro, Agent, Tongbeiquan, Exile, Agni, Red Storm, Muay Boran

    Exocores (ALL PERM): Phaira, Staff of Eternity, Yin Yang, Cartomancer BF LE, Dark Power, Dark Lightning BF LE, Thunder Blades, Crazy Vulcan, Flamebuster, Ice Age, Relentless Mace, Magma Destroyer, LM-02 (BK) [ANDROID]

    Notable Clothing (PERM): Stardust BF LE [SET], Slayer Cut, Black Andro [SET], Black Friday Cape, Yin Yang Bag, Sold Out [TITLE], Black Neko Ears, Black Flash

    Additional features: Plenty of other clothing options, A competent STR Set (64 STR) - Easily upgrade-able, Nanmu achieved, Avalon driver.

    This account is great for someone trying to get into the game or a veteran looking for an alt or even a new main. It has PLENTY of RARE / Exclusive items. I have spent easily around $500.00 USD+ on this account over the time I've had it. I am no longer interested in RF and I figured hey, why not save YOU the money and time? You get lots of scrolls, exos, and items that are rare / no longer available because they were limited time only. Not to mention I have the Black Andro and Stardust BF LE which was a rare spenders reward, no longer available and NOT common among player base. Asking price is $80.00 USD
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