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    This Trainer Canyon account is from my Android device. I'm selling a level 82 VIP15 account I've been working on and off of for 3 years. My team power is around 108k that will be sold for $5000 which my team alone is $7000-$8000 in value to build up.

    I can negotiate my offer down to $3000-$3500 at the lowest but can negotiate lower if a buyer wants to buy the account I can cut my offer down to 40%-60% of $5000.

    I'll provide some screenshots and a full list below. I'm still currently active on the account so more items and pokemon will be added as time progresses.

    •51 legendary (23 shiny), 120 epic (37 shiny), 38 rare , & 44 normal, & 4 common pokemon in pc
    •2 shiny mega pokemon
    •over 1000 pinballs to strengthen pokemon
    •393 pinballs total from 3 pinball boxes
    •974 ability capsules
    •499 microcapsules
    •1135 fossils for strengthening mega pokemon
    •box with 81 fossils you can choose from
    •366 magical capsules to reset values of your pokemon
    •1268 sandbags
    •3 master balls, 350-388 ultra balls, and 30 great balls
    •56 TMs
    •over 130 berries
    •over 60 status heal items
    •182 evolution stones
    •189 shiny tickets
    •11 Tech Machine Boxes for TMs
    •7 wishing stones
    •5 complete legendary pokemon contracts
    •over 70 raw capsules
    •150-193 incense
    •8 trial keys
    •8 rein pokemon to ride but 2 have duplicates
    •400 Gold, 8,292 Purple, & 626 blue artbook(piece) for breaking pokemon
    •4 gold, 13 purple, 77 blue, & 22 green artbook for breaking pokemon
    •pc capacity 239/270

    I have the account username and password ready to give out after payment is successful. For questions just leave a comment and I'll get to you when online.
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