Selling  Average  Android and iOS Selling lvl 215 Veteran Account B/o at USD300

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    Selling this 80days old account. Top 50 in arena and top 10 in some SS camps. Spend over 700+ on this account but now moving on to new game.
    Drop me an inbox if you are interested

    Here's what the account have:

    Main Equipment
    Aragami/Water Set
    1x SS Aragami Weapon MLB( Tsunami/Frozen water rush/Resolute symphony/Frozen Nova)
    1x SS Galdrux Greatsword
    1x S Gordmagia Greatsword
    1x SS Aragami Breastplate
    1x SS Aragami Gauntlet
    1x S Gordmagia headgear
    1x S Gordmagia boots

    1.9k hp
    4.3k Atk
    1k defense
    171% water damage
    58% cleave damage
    9% greatsword damage

    Dual blade/Sakura/Emphiton set

    1x SS The netherworld/Emphiton Dual blade MLB
    1x SS Dream Sakura Blade
    1x SS Emphiton headhear MLB(3slots)
    1x SS Emphiton breastplate MLB(3slots)
    1x SS Emphtion gloves MLB(3slots)
    1x SS Emphiton Boots MLB (3slots)

    1.9k hp
    2k Atk
    1k defense
    169% fire damage
    34% dual blade damage
    18% lightning damage/9% attackspd/9% damage reduction

    List of SS Magi

    1x SS Hero Proof
    1x SS Brimming Magi
    1x SS Resolute Proof
    1x SS Chilling Embrace
    1x SS Frozen Nova
    2x SS Freeze Demon
    1x SS Blazing Palm
    1x SS Conflagate
    1x SS Thor's Decreee
    1x SS Tsunami(+4 awaken)
    1x SS Bloody Kerenos
    1x SS Bloody Blaze
    1x SS Frozen Water Rush
    1x SS Gaia Grace
    1x SS Stone Flash
    1x SS Toppling Crux
    1x SS Cupid Bolts
    8x S Iron Mastery
    10x A Vitality Boon

    SS Houran Spear
    MLB turtle spear
    MLB Stratoplume SnS
    1x Rainbow Arc Lapis for MLB
    Over 40+ elixers

    Available Behemoth Quest:

    1x Deserrodule
    1x Arogirania
    3x Stratoplume
    1x Blade Arion
    Over 50+ A rank behemoths
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