Selling Legendary account/8 years of play/3 char-10 pvp and 1-9pvp/see description

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  1. Fredrikson

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    1.BARBARIAN 10 pvp
    Full T6(armor) and Full t3 pvp+Sogoth+ t5 wepon+t4 weapon+ ful AA+ Legendary cloak+ t5 and t6 rune
    2.Dark Templar 10 pvp Full t6
    full t3 pvp+full t4(hehe)+ full aa+t5 weapon+ t6 rune+ full AA
    3.Conqueror 10 pvp Full t4+t5 items+full t3 pvp+full AA
    4.Tempest of Set 8 pvp(90%)-Fullt4+ t5 rings+ full t2 pvp+ legendary cloak+full AA
    All Screenshots Here
    The price for this account is rather big (you see its value yourself), but it's worth it to make yourself a gift for the New Year and Christmas
    All adiitional info - Skype Fredrikson1976
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