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    Hi, I'm selling my account because I don't have much time to play and I don't want all my hard work to go to waste. I managed to collect lots of powerful cards and almost all of the cards for the top meta decks with some exceptions. I'm not a competitive player and don't spend too much time playing P2P/Ranked duels but if you are competitive and have time to play you can reach King of Games rank. Here's a summary of my account:

    MAX Stages - 60 DM / 30 GX

    Almost all cards from characters are farmed.
    Most packs opened: ~2000 (I'm still opening and collecting cards)
    UR cards - 260+
    SR cards - 4600+

    Archetypes for which all or most cards are collected:
    Amazoness (all collected except Heirloom and Queen)
    Fur Hire (all collected)
    Spellbook (all collected except Spellbook of Fate and Secrets)
    Alien (all collected)
    Bujin (all collected except Bujinfidel and Hare)
    Geargia (all collected except Anchor and Attacker)
    Archfiend (all collected)
    Dinosaur (good dino cards, only without Jurrac Tyrannus)
    Water (great deck with Sea Stealth Attack, Citadel Whale and Levia-Dragon)
    Six Samurai (lots collected but no Grandmaster, Shogun Shien, Rihan, Return, Kizaru)
    Crystal Beasts (all collected except Bond)
    Cyber Angel (all collected)
    Gladiator Beasts (all collected)
    Hazy Flame (all collected)
    Sylvan (all collected except Peaskeeper)
    Aromage (all collected + Rose Lover and Rose Archer)
    Ancient Gear (all collected except Workshop)
    Worm (all collected)
    Toon (all collected)
    Red-eyes Zombie (good zombie cards collected)
    Red-eyes/Buster Blader Fusion (including Red-Eyes Slash Dragon, Buster Blader Dragon Destroyer and Dark Paladin)
    Other insteresting cards: Slyfer, Dragon of Ra, Monster Reborn Reborn, Jinzo, Widespread Ruin, Ultimate Gear Golem, Chimeratech Overdragon, King of the Swamp, Alector, Blowback Dragon and more.

    All DM and GX Characters with all major skills obtained and leveled up to level 30.
    The ones that are above level 30 are:
    Yami Yugi - level 40 - unlocked Destiny Draw, Card of Sanctity and other skills
    Kaiba - level 34
    Joey - level 35
    Mai - level 32
    Tea - level 32
    Mako - level 35
    Bakura - level 32
    Keith - level 32
    Odion - level 32 - unlocked Life Cost 0 and other skills
    Pegasus - level 45, unlocked Creator, It's a Toon World and other skills
    Paradox Bros - level 35
    Crowler - level 45

    Event characters obtained:
    Yami Marik - unlocked Power of the Tributed and other skills
    Espa Roba
    Vellian Crowler
    Syrus Truesdale

    Gems that can be obtained by leveling up characters: 34000
    Lots more will be collected by participating in all weekly eventts and ranked duels.

    Gold - 3 500 000+
    UR Jewel - 37
    SR Jewel - 106
    R Jewel - 4000+
    Thousands of stones of each atribute
    Duel orbs - 600+ (can be used to level up characters really fast)
    Lots of cards available at the trader - you can buy whatever you need.
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