Selling Selling DD tank account, 50$ USD

Discussion in 'DD Tank Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Azukoto, 8/26/14.

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    50$ is fair and a good deal for both of us.
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    Selling my DD tank account for a flat 50$ USD. It's worth about 100 for the VIP time and equipment/gold purchases that have been placed on it, great deal!

    Be sure to send me an Email at [email protected] if you wish to purchase it!

    My preferred method is through Paypal, no worries about honesty or anything, i'm getting rid of this account because it was a childhood thing that I toyed around for a while, and I want to pass it off to someone else.

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    First main inventory, and etc

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    Secondary inventory

    Both armors level 6, weapon level 9, equipment all decked out with +40 stats, and most stuff is permanent or 365+ days!
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