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    Top Tier Account for Sale
    Global Server - Level 148

    61773 crystals spent on the account ($2053 worth)
    6,312 crystals currently

    Every character unlocked and 5* Maxed or Awakened - Including Noblesse
    Every skill maxed or gene stockpiled to allow Maxing when Awakening is enabled
    24 Max Awakened Characters

    Many Soul Gears including alternate SGs with 34 books on hand
    Chris's Hero Mark with 3 books on hand

    Obscene amount of all resources including Mod Pots

    Some character specific ones

    6* Sets
    Unprecedented, Angel Knight, Omniscient and Omnipotent, Eldrika's Trinity
    Tower of Dawn Guardian, Ghost Step, Pathfinder, Defender of the Earth, Forgotten Hitter No. 4, Devil Knight
    Beast Rain Project Prototype, Rebel Army Commander, Vermillion Bird's Red Bloodline, Coocoo Rangers, Go!, Lightning Guardian
    Dasomier Battle Suit, The Immortal
    Iron Fist from the East, Death Blow

    5* Sets
    Ultimate Weapon Golden Tiger, Legacy of High Humans, Shadow Ruler, Pirate of Pirates, Calm Guide, Part-time Lifeguard, Secret Experiment
    Sunset Sherrif, Ancestor's Voice, Dragon Slayer, Brushing Wing, Iron Fortress, Ancient Witchdoctor, Imperfect Test Subject, Winner's Proof
    Outer Space, Black Crescent, Wilderness Desperado, Super Ranger: Pink, Unbeatable Warlord, Legendary Ranger, Super Ranger: Blue, Take Care of Summer, Sweet and Scary Chocolate Warrior
    Super Ranger: Green, Legion Banner, Unyielding Champion, Extra Curriculum, Dreamy as Dreams, Hot Hot Summer
    Spirit of Cold Steel, Savage Token, Born Assassin, Cold-Hearted Sniper, Super Ranger: Yellow, Transform! Magic Girl!, Battle Priest, Power of the Ancients, Blue Moonlight Season, Thank-you Letter, Girl Who Dreamed of Freedom

    All 4* sets except Token of Return
    All 3* sets Max Transcended

    Photo evidence of everything available upon request

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