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    Selling Account
    • Skins from Season 2 to Season 4 maxed out along with some from Season 5.
    • Gliders and Pickaxes fit the same description as above. All from Season 2 through 4 along with some from 5. (Carbide & Omega done w/o lights)
    • Misc: Raptor, Rabbit Raider, First Starter Pack Skin, Rust Bucket Back Bling, Birthday Cake Back Bling
    • 9 Legendary Skins, 15 Epic Skins, 3 Rare Skins
    • 4 Legendary Back Blings, 9 Epic Back Blings, 5 Rare Back Blings
    • 6 Epic Pickaxes, 7 Rare Pickaxes
    • 5 Epic Gliders, 2 Rare Gliders, 5 Uncommon Gliders, along with every season's Victory Umbrella Glider
    • 450 V-bucks currently on account
    I am willing to negotiate price. If you would like to talk about this, message me personally on Twitter as I will most likely respond quicker there @DTheLeo is my handle.

    (Unfortunately do to lack of knowledge with this website, can somebody please explain how I would transfer the money to my bank account?)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.