Selling Selling 4.6+ Billion Power Low Price $950 USD

Discussion in 'Mobile Strike Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Joey Ho, 10/19/16.

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    Selling my Mobile Strike account for only $950 USD, I put $1,400 to build this account up. The best part about this account is the active state you'll be in (although states will be opening up soon), and the alliance is really a welcoming/helpful and supportive group. They really look out for each other, they will become your real friends.

    4.6+ Bil Power Account

    Commander level 60
    3 presets open
    9 deployments
    Top VIP Prestige level 8 with 7/10 completed
    36.8+ million troops
    Permanent 2nd Research Queue
    Permanent 2nd Building Queue
    Rally Leader Capabilities

    Maxed Level 22 HQ
    2 Additional Plots open inside wall, and 2 open outside wall
    Each building type has 1 level 22. Everything else is level 21, so you can upgrade what you want to level 22!
    Only buildings below 21 are Training Academy (Level 7) and Combat Lab (Level 12)
    Maxed Level Vault

    Economics - Fully unlocked
    Commander - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Traps - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Combat - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Manufacturing - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Advanced Traps - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Advanced Combat - Fully unlocked as of 2016-10-10
    Battle Tactics - 65% unlocked
    Set Bonus - 46% unlocked
    Mode Set Bonus - barely touched

    469+ million Resources Open
    13.7+ billion Food unopened
    7+ billion Oil unopened
    7+ billion Stone unopened
    9+ billion Iron unopened
    24+ billion Coin unopened
    19+ million gold

    125 legendary gear items
    5 legendary insignia
    6 rebel legendary collectible
    16,218 Legendary Hammer
    41,380 Legendary Resource Hammer
    A ton of materials and mods, too much to count
    22,814+ days of speed ups
    1,165 unopened crates (it's like x-mas every time you open a crate!)

    Screenshot_2016-10-19-16-50-27.png Screenshot_2016-10-19-16-51-54.png Screenshot_2016-10-19-16-52-06.png Screenshot_2016-10-19-16-52-18.png
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