Sold Selling $25 KHUX high end jp account

Discussion in 'Kingdom Rift Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by seraphimx, 1/2/18.

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  1. seraphimx

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    Selling KHUX(JP) account login days ( 534 days ) invested a lot of money and time on this game PayPal only

    Reasons for selling
    will be working from now on and doubt that i will have the time to play this game

    Can provide some needed verification if you guys are having doubts about this account

    notable medals
    kairi ex
    invi ex
    ira ex
    Riku days
    Sora ex
    Roxas Dual wield ex
    and so much more ....

    All proud blades at +35 upgrade including fairy stars at +35

    medals here

    fatcat #3706


    just want to sell this account and be done with it
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.