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Discussion in 'Lords Mobile Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by indomyron, 5/28/17.

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    Hello people,

    Selling my account for 110 dollar. Why 110 dollar? when you just have 20mil might. Well here are the reasons

    - GOLDEN big guy
    - top 50 colosseum
    - top 70 PK rank
    - Top 3 guild + forts
    - 30-day gift still on
    - Still in a 30 day protected kingdom !!!!
    - All hero's are rank 7 or 8.

    - 300% contruc speed (with gear)
    - 200% researche speed (with gear)
    - 100k troops
    - C25

    I'v spend myself over 500 euro on this account and did spend is wisely but my interessed of this game is slipping away.
    This is no newb account. This is a Trap account so thats another reason why my might is lower.
    You can also pay me on Ideal if you prefer that. Im a honest trader and i will proof that if you want to :).

    i cannot uploade pictures strangly,, so if you are cursious you have to add me on Line, Wegamers or Facebook.
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