Selling  High End  PC RP Boosting - Trials and Competitive Crucible Carries (Very Cheap and Quick)

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    Hey all, we have started Boosting services for Trials and Competitive Crucible

    Pricing is as follows :

    Trials of Osiris :
    For 1x Char Flawless - 20$ ( You are allowed to bring 1 Extra person with you for the payment)
    For 3x Char Flawless - 55$ (You can bring 1 teammate for free Ex. Split the payment cost with them and we carry you both)

    Survival :
    For Carry from 0 - 2100 Glory - 25$
    For Carry from 0 - 5100 Glory - 100$

    Since we are starting up as a new service, we would appreciate few feedbacks on our playerup Thread and also please DM me on Discord if you wish to purchase a carry from us

    100% Legit / No hacks or Cheats are used
    No Account sharing is required, you can play with our Boosters

    We Currently accept Paypal / Cryptocurrencies / Steam Skins as payment for services provided

    For more information kindly contact me
    DM me on discord at -Zero-#1001
Thread Status:
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