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    Buy Now Link:
    Buy Now
    Skype: master-of.guardians

    If the price seems to high, contact us and let us know, we can work things out !

    Here is what we offer ( if you want something done and is not listed just contact us and tell us what you need, we are glad to help )

    Story, Sidequests, Canteen
    Story Completion - 10$ and higher (price depends on progress)
    Optional Missions - 2$ mission
    Finding Canteen ingridients - 2$ per ingridient
    Hunter Gadgets Unlock - Negotiatable

    Helping your Palico
    Palico Weapon Unlock - 5$ per Weapon
    Palico Leveling - 3$ per lvl
    Palico Armor set - Negotiatable

    Hunting Investigations (nothing specific, best HR exp will be chosen) - 10$ per hour
    Specific Monster Hunt - From 3$ per monster
    Tempered Investigation HR15+ - 5$ per Investigation
    Elder Dragon Kill -5$ (if part of main story - no charge)
    Tempered Elder Dragon Kill - 10$
    Hunter rank farm - 5$ per rank

    Weapons and Armor
    All Armor and Weapons have a negotiatable price,
    becouse we have to take into consideration the difficulty
    of making those specific parts

    Resource Farming
    Zenny Farming - 10$ for 100.000Z
    Hunter Points Farming - 3$ 1000 points
    Advanced Armor Sphere (20) - 1$
    Hard Armor Sphere (80) - 2$
    Decorations - 1$ per Decoration
    Gems and Rubys - 5$ for each

    Why pick my service:
    Other boosting services will be more expensive,becouse they take a huge cut from their employees, and you never talk to the person that is doing the boosting, talking is always inderect. I've been doing boosting for the past 2 years for other "Companys", and aprox 2 months of providing my own service, and from what my clients tell me, my prices are super cheap, becouse i do almost all boosting myself, and if customers want to know anything about the game they can just ask me, i belive in a longterm business relation, not just you're only importaint untill you pay me. So give us a try, youl get a bargain

    Boosting terms:
    All boosting is done by hand whitout and cheats or hacks, but in the case that you still get banned while we are playing on your acc, you will be compansated for your loss.
    So far nobody has been banned by our service.​
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