Sold Pro Lv 48 VIP 9 ACC, 400 T JOY, TOP 4 GOODS!!

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    HEY YOU! Keen on my account? <3

    Updated: 1/7/2018

    11000 GEMS, 300 TOPAZ, 2700 LUXURY POINTS, 40 Million GOLD, 100T JOY

    1) 6* HOWL, 6* Unicorn Sophia, 9-Tailed Lucy D+, Gangnam PSY
    2) 5* Yuki, Dr. X, Undercover Doria, wintry black rose, kaito, wintry mary, alice, surfer doria, surfer Ion, Liz, Prince, Lucy, Ling Ling
    3) Special: Gold Courier

    Note: 6* HOWL has "increase toll fee when landing on golden ox", that is 45% toll fee increase when you land on ox!

    1) 6* Porcelain, 6* Gingercat <3, 6* Batty, 6* Catloaf, 6* Shooting Star, 6* Hello Kitty, 6* Cocktail
    2) Have most other dice at 5*, including blue dragon, crimson blizzard and blizzard dice! Think about farming gems from dice rewards! Total 36 dices that are 5* and above!

    1) 6* Cherry Blossom Beginner's Luck, 6* Ox Rush, 6* Christmas Captivating Perfume, 6* Christmas Special #, 6* Raven Mask, 6* Defending Move, 6* Hacking Tool, 6* Shoes of Hermes, 6* Beginner's Headband, 6* Mysterious Glove, 6* First Aid Kit, 6* Angel Wings, 6* Comeback Talisman, 6* Master of Skills, 6* Genius Portal, 6* Imperial Seal of Magic, 6* Conqueror's Trumpet
    2) 5* Shiny Daddy's Purse, 5* Shiny Body Oil, 5* Shiny Angel's Wings, 5* Shiny Fishing Rod with Dice, 5* Phase Shift
    3) 4* Puppet Master Catalyst, 4* Burning Ox Catalyst, 4* Panda's Bamboo Catalyst, 4* Taser Gun Catalyst
    4) 6 Goods Exp x20 kit, 10 Goods Exp x10 kit

    1) BLACK: Broken Brake, Come Over Here, Panda's Greed (SOCCER EDITION = 7 turns!), Knife in the Dark (super precise controller), Charming Rainbow, Switch, Excellent Choice (super precise controller), Fair Bargain, Speedster, Secret Stash, Fetch, Occupancy, Fast and Furious, Build it! Sandcastle, Berserk, More and More, Smack, Power Build, Pursuit, Haste, Celebrity's Visit,

    2) 6* PLUS: Curse, Mirror Mirror, Mysterious Commission, All or None, incomplete controller, Marionette, Come With Me, Time for Revenge, Mega Spike, No Entry, Shiver me Timbers!, Open Fire, Its a Trap!, WANTED!!, I See Gold!, Pirates Never Miss, Can't Hide from me, King of Pirates, You come or I Go, Where's My Money?, I Dare You, Invisible Hand, Bring it Drone, Road Tour, Rainbow Party, Birthday Party, Vacation Plan, Drag, Bash, Pro Gambler, Speeding, Ambush, Dice of Blessing

    3) 6*: Super Magnet (= win in soccer map!), Round Trip (x2), Back Thumbling, Push (x2), Winning Move, Pounding Heart (x2), Doll Fishing (x2), Retribution Reverse, Retribution (x2), Gravity Field, Colour Synchronization, Crucial Moment (x2), Addressee Unknown (x2) Blitz Rush (x2), Pass Start, Home Run, Shadow Visit, Luxury Travel (x4), Freeze, Power Up!, Rip off Tour, Angry Cow, Challenge Sea Fishing, , Super Counter, Cool it Ox, Blackout (x2), Big Match, Big Fish, God's Judgement, Symbol of Wealth, Tax Day, Celebrity Goods, Hold my Hand, Yikes! Crocodile!, Map of Fortune, You're Mine Now

    4) Interesting 6*: Icewall, Go back!, Stop! PLUS, Rune Power, Taeyang's Spike, Strange Pipette (SUPER RARE), Stormy Weather PLUS, Flight, Lucky Flag (hello kitty edition), Doodling (hello Kitty edition), sweet Pudding (hello kitty edition), Backstep (hello kitty edition)

    5) Blackstone: Pounding Heart, Retribution, Retribution Reverse, Winning Move, Hold My Hand, Gravity Field

    6) Interesting 5*: I'm Taking It!, This is MY LAND, Strike Back, Master Navigator, Domino, Windjump, Divine Punishment, Resort Conquest, Family Vacation, Free Plane Ticket, U-Turn, Interception

    7) Others: Gem Coupons (x2)


    Feel free to message me if you are keen. Thanks!
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