Selling [ PILOT SERVICE ] Revelation Online Daily, Weekly & Curious Event Quests

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  1. Rolan

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    News & Updates

    - Updated the price list.

    F . A . Q . S .

    Why do i need this service?
    - If you are busy and don't have that much time to play and cannot keep up or enjoy your free game time with all these daily and/or weekly quests, you might want to use this service so you can do more things than just daily/weekly quests.

    What server/s is this service available?
    - Service is available to any server.

    How exactly do you plan on doing this service? Are you gonna use BOTS/BOTTING?
    - Nope, im not gonna use BOT to do this service. I will do all of it myself manually so you don't have to worry about your account getting at risk for illegal use of 3rd party software.

    Can we request additional quest/s that we need you to complete?
    - No, the service is exclusively for these following quests.

    Can we choose which quest/s are we gonna have you pilot for us?
    - Yes, you can choose which ones you want me to do or you can also pick all of them for #.

    How much is this service cost?
    - Pricing for each quests can be viewed at the Quests list below.

    *Special Discounts/Promos Available:
    - Availing Complete Daily Quests set will give you 15% #
    - Availing Complete Weekly Quests set will also give you 15% #
    - Availing Both Daily & Weekly Quests will give you 35% #
    - More coming soon in the future!

    How does this service work?
    - First and more importantly is we'll need to decide on the time to schedule for when the service should start.
    - Send the payment for the total amount of the quests you picked for the service.
    - Please make sure to have enough room in your inventory/storage and have enough coins as well as "Adept Quin: Handmade Equipment" will require some items which can be bought in Auction unless you have it ready first-hand. If you don't have enough room i will have to use or put some items in auction to have it as temporary storage.
    - Once all the quests are completed i will contact you.

    What payment method/s do you accept?
    - I'm only accepting PayPal as a form of payment for this service.

    Why should i trust you?
    - As you can see i have 100% Clean Feedback, Verified and a Gold Seller here, which means im only here for the business nothing else.

    Daily/Weekly/Curious Event Quests included in the service are the following: (any quests that aren't on the list are excluded from the service)
    - [ Daily ] Guild Special Trade Quest [ 50k - 100k Tokens Per Run ] (5/5) - $3.00
    - [ Daily ] Faction Quests: Famous Across the Four Seas - $2.00
    - [ Daily ] Buy at the Poacher's Market - $2.00

    - [ Weekly ] Adept Quin: Handmade Equipment [ also known as "120 Quest" | Rewards: Workman's Gift Chests ] - $3.00
    - [ Weekly ] Journey Quests (Sulan/Lampyr Creek/Karstad) [ Rewards: Peculiar Tickets ] - $1.50
    - [ Weekly ] Bounty: Hunt and Revisit (5/5) [ Rewards: Soul Chests ] - $1.50

    - [ Curious Event ] Fishing 7 - 8 runs [ Rewards: Curious Beads / Tier Bead ] - $2
    - [ Curious Event ] Alchemy 5 - 6 runs [ Rewards: Curious Beads / Dragonspike ] - $2

    Take Note: I can only do what quests are available in your Quest Tab 'coz some quests requires certain levels before they become available for you so please make sure you are hiring appropriate quests for your level and have the required items for certain quests before continuing.

    Still have questions unanswered? PM ME!
    - Drop your questions below in the comment. You can also contact me via Private message here in just click HERE

    i would prefer you contacting me here in first before going thru any transactions to make sure you are dealing with the right person and not a SCAMMER. Thank you!
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