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    Hey guys,
    after many years of active playing, I am considering to sell my top tier Dungeon Boss account.
    Below you will find the most important information:

    Maxed out player level 80 - active for nearly every day for about 4 years.
    All dungeons (normal, challenge, boss and chaos mode) completed.
    The account with its heros is optimized for PVP.

    All heros are on level 80, are fully ascended and have the blessing of the seeker.
    Unlocked: 106/106
    6-star heros*: 102/106
    Skins: 80/82
    Ultimate skins: 6/6
    Epic heros**: 57/65
    *You can easily max out the remaining heros by using the large amount of heroic summons I saved.
    **The other remaing epics are not available on boss island yet.

    Enough maxed out legendary elite/superior runes for all heros.
    Well sorted and balanced inventory with plenty of tainted, evasion, foresight, 15% healer and other runes.
    Legendary elite runes: ~ 520
    Legendary superior runes***: ~ 10
    ***Including guardian and survivor runes.

    You will get enough resources to get you through the game for the next moths/years.
    Gems: > 100.000
    Aether: > 1.000.000
    Heroic Portals: > 3.000

    Pwnage Points: > 500.000
    Honor: 100.000
    Loot Keys: 9.999
    Materials*: 999
    ****plants, crystals, metals, raw, totems, essences, jewels, bars. Plus large amounts of the crafted materials. Crafting materials (special totems, elemental essences, spirits, etc) for the missing 8 epics are included.

    Top 100 in every category:
    • Rooster Power
    • PVP Trophies
    • Dungeons completed
    • Tower floors completed
    • Boss points
    Note: the rooster power is most likely in the Top 100, if all heros would have their runes equipped.
    In the remaining categories I hold some Top 50 ranks and even a Top 5 position.
    This account comes with the Legendary Conqueror achievement (you can't buy that with money).

    Here are some extras that I can add on top:
    • Excel Sheet with rune and material inventory, hero and event data.
    • If you want, I can explain the most recent PVP metagame to you to get a succesfull start.
    • Membership in one of the top tier guilds: only if you want to stay and the guild allows it.
    • Custom player name: I will request to change my account name to a name of your choice.

    Please understand that I will not publicly disclose account information like the player name or my exact positions in the Top 100 leaderboards. Let me know if you have any further questions and I may be able to share those information with you in a private conversation.

    If you know how the game works, you can easily see that I am offering you an absolute top account. If you do not know the game and you want to enter it, you will save an incredible amount of time and money by taking over this nearly perfect end-game account. Some players have spent hundreds of dollars to have a collection like this and yet they are lacking the achievements and rankings that you can only build with years of work.

    Please send me your (serious) ideas of what this account is worth to you and then we can negotiate.
    Looking forward to your offers!
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