Sold (NA) High End Account max geared Aethertech on Kt-Ely,

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    nezekans apostle, marchutan apostle, inri, wise hangbok, modor, frigida, sheba, mastarius, kromedea and hamerun transformation main AT ( 6 stigmas + 15 )
    2 daevanion +advanced, kromede rank S mansion, full dark talon Set, full sovering set, 3 gestone blue and 3 green shining,
    slots avaliable, runes +3 crit, damag, aditional, aetherforg 400, mansion, 2 unique mount, ( cant be obtined yet) panda wheels and aetherfog 400 mount, renown kata 9,
    lakhrum 8 danaria 8 silentara and ingg 6 , 11 chars all level 80 this sovering set 8/11 for abysal and instances, (not enchanted, only weapons, not manastones, )



    PRICE : $120

    Add me in DISCORD and let's talk.

    my DISCORD:heyjessie#0067

    Not accepting trade account.
    Thank you~
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