Selling  Android  MLBB Account boosting service from any Rank to Mythical Glory.

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    Hello, Anyone wanted to boost ur account from any rank to Mythic/Mythical Glory?? If so, u've come to the right place. Boosting involves no hack, cheat or third party apps but only human hands. For Boosting service , the chargable amount are as follows :-

    1. Every 1 star from Warrior to Elite - $0.38
    2. Every 1 star from Elite - Master - $0.60
    3. Every 1 star from Master to Grandmaster - $0.70
    4. Every 1 star from Grand Master to Epic - $0.85
    5. Every 1 star from Epic to Legend - $1
    6. Every 1 star from Legend to Mythic V - $2
    7. Every 1 win from Mythic V Tier to III Tier - $3
    8. Every 1 win from Mythic III Tier to Mythical Glory(600points) - $5

    The maxium delivery timing for Epic rank and below will be 72hours(If it is for a complete tier boost). For Epic and above rank it will be according to the range from current tier to the preferred tier.

    #Abbrevation :Tier - V, IV, III, II, I.Example - Epic V, IV, III etc.Complete Tier - From V to I.Example - From Epic V to I.

    #First come first serve basis.
    #Hurry, booked the list before it's full.
    •A safe service that you can trust•

    *DM for further queries.
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