Selling LOL Account - Platinum 4 Soloq - Platinum 5 Flexq (demoted to g1) (currently EUNE - can transfer)

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    Platinum 4 Soloq, Platinum 5 Flexq, EUNE server (can transfer)

    12 Rune pages

    Skin Shards: Fnatic Corki, Gentleman Gnar, iBlitzcrank, Infernal Nasus, Ragdoll Poppy, SKT T1 Alistar, SKT T1 Azir, Steel Legion Garen, Super Galaxy Kindred

    Full list of 68 available Skins

    Blood moon Akali

    Unchained Alistar

    Team spirit Anivia, Noxus hunter Anivia, Blackfrost Anivia, Prehistoric Anivia, Festival queen Anivia

    Annie in wonderland

    Sherwood forest Ashe, PROJECT Ashe

    Battle boss Blitzcrank

    Zombie Brand

    Headhunter Caitlyn, Lunar wraith Caitlyn

    Mythic Cassiopeia

    Hot rod Corki, Arcade Corki

    Soul reaver Draven

    Pulsefire Ezreal, TPA Ezreal

    Union jack Fiddlesticks

    Dread knight Garen

    Gragas Esq

    Mafia Graves

    Nightblade Irelia

    Fnatic Jarvan

    Forsaken Jayce

    High noon Jhin, Blood moon jhin

    Firecracker Jinx, Slayer Jinx

    Traditional Karma

    Judgment Kayle, Riot Kayle

    Battlecast Kog’maw, Pug’maw

    Acolyte Lee sin, Muay thai Lee sin, Knock out Lee sin

    Hired gun Lucian, PROJECT Lucian, Heartseeker Lucian

    Coral Reef Malphite

    Victorious Maokai, Totemic Maokai

    Arcade Miss Fortune (+ ALL Chromas), Captain Fortune

    Pentakill Olaf

    Slayer Pantheon, Baker Pantheon

    Bloodfury Renekton

    Dark crystal Ryze

    TPA Shen

    Warrior princes Sivir, Snowstorm Sivir, Victorius Sivir

    Northern Front Swain

    Queen of Diamonds Syndra

    Happy elf Teemo

    Riot girl Tristana, Rocket girl Tristana, Dragon trainer Tristana

    Lil’slugger Trundle

    Cutpurse Twisted fate

    Gangster Twitch, SSW Twitch

    Soulstealer Vladimir

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