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    Level 35, double faction locked with Feds and Klingons, consort reputation with Romulans.

    By the time you get Romulans to Respected, you should have enough romulan credits to buy and unlock the Augur. Convert saved federation messages daily for rom credits.

    4800 uncommon ore saved for Augur. There's over half the blueprints needed to unlock the Enterprise. Maxed Saladin Bortas has 1 weapon left to max Tier 4 B'Rel Tier 7 D3, finish upgrading to tier 9 level 45 to scrap & unlock several prime researches for free.

    Tier 6 Discovery with summoning unlocked and max warp range of 40 (45 w/cadet scotty) Account has all Discovery crew unlocked including Capt Georgiou and Lorca. Georgiou is great on an Augur, she's the fix for burning, replacing Nero.

    A lot of money has been spent on officers.
    There's plenty of resources saved in tokens, plus combat training that can be completed to get dilithium.

    This is a great jump start for someone wanting to save thousands of dollars to get to mid 30s, and be well on the way to 39+.
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