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    Lots of equipments and different classes

    Items: Revita IV [95], Revita (gift) [156], Regera (gift) [30], Vita plus (gift) [10], Corn Snack [86]

    Teleport: save point [17], Rugio Ruins [15], Sofya City [13], El scarp [17], Garden of beginning [4]

    Weapons: Burning cross dagger III, First [Atk 265 (80%)] second [Atk 230 (30%) with Hp+300, Berserker blade [Atk 113 (80%), Hammerfull [Atk 99 (70%), Shaman staff [Atk 271 (50%), Death samurai sword III [Atk 83 (70%), 5th aniv wings V [atk 111] (70%), Aquarator [atk 125 (70%)

    Equipment: Heaven feather garb [Def 341], potum hood, Earcuff [def 18], mysterious hood [def 58], fresh scarf [def 62] + mp 200, puck, Yashiro azuki’s smiley [def 10] + Aspd +2% and Gerumi, Dexterity talisman IV

    Stats: STR-55, INT-20, VIT-52, AGI-35, DEX-45 [16,088 spinas]

    skills: Lv1 Blade, Lv1 Magic, Lv1 knight, Lv1 Mononofu, Lv1 Dual sword[full], Lv1 Assassin


    accessory: Under restraint-Seal of Nazar 03 and 02, Flying Crane-Onyx crane ornament, wing knight-Normal and dark wink knight horns, Demon-Lament and dark horns

    avatar top: Demon-Lament and dark demon Garb, Wing knight-normal and dark wing knight

    avatar bottom: Demon-lament and dark demon garb, wing knight- normal and dark wing knight

    Current Quest, Chapter 6 - The town of pax faction

    and an additional character of Lv 56, and 2 empty character slots
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.